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September 14, 2007



Hurray! And congratulations! And you can have too many Chinese take-aways -- depending upon from where you take them away.


Aww fanks. And I don't know about the Chinese takeaways round your way, but round here they're spiffy! So I disagree. But perhaps 'never' was the wrong word. I'm not the oracle on Chinese takeaways. I think. But I might be. I'm not sure.


Having a hairdresser who understands your needs and cuts/styles your hair how you want it is very important. I have know people travel many miles to continue to see a stylist who had moved out of the area. It cannot be underestimated. A bad hair-do can ruin your month...



Just keep bleaching it! (its blonde right?) Use sun in, if the colour has been lifted already you can just keep dyeing on top. But you have to have that initial bleach first. Also Happy Anniversary!!


6 years! Congrats to you both. Hope Charlotte feels better soon so that you can celebrate with a chinese takeaway!


ps...I quite liked you as a brooding brunette!!


ooo - good for you, Tim and you, Charlotte.

I like the brunette thing too, but I'm slightly biased.

I'm interested in the lens things you're buying from Ebay - for I now have a gorgeous, lovely, proper fancy new camera too. It's flamin' scary - I've no idea where to start!

Be well soon...x


Happy anniversary, treacle tarts!

I love the picture - I remember that complex, I think. My friend lived there... or I went to buy drugs from there. Either or ;)

Can you update your blogroll at some point when you're not bleaching your hair, talking to chums on Facebook, nursing Charlotte/rabbit or taking really great pictures?



Daren - Good point. But I'm a cheapskate, so fuck it.

thinkpink - If I keep bleaching enough one day it'll all fall out and I'll never have to worry about my fucking hair again!

Nimbus - If that is your name.. You liked the brunette eh? Oh well!

Sarah - Not you too? And why exactly are you biased? Now I'm all intrigued. *rubs hands together gleefully*

Morgan - Cheers deary! And yes, one day I will update my blogroll. Not sure what day that'll be mind you, but I'm sure it will happen. At some point. Probably.

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