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October 21, 2007



Hi Alda (from below..), fanks! and yes, there was once a post here, and now there is one again. It's magic!
And there was a picture, but it got deleted hence the 'issues'. It'll be back soon.
I hope. Like me.


Where on earth have you been? I missed you! (My living room ceiling fell down about five years ago. Mess? Like you wouldn't believe.)


The Timbo lives! Goodie, you are even less prolific wordwise than me... all well I trust? [unless of course said bathroom ceiling fell on computer but then why would you keep your computer in the bath?] I have caused one bathroom ceiling - the same - to fall down twice in my time. Shoddy plumbing was the official excuse but the downstairs neighbour had her suspicions... Oh, and welcome back!


Take two of these and call me in the morning.


The bathroom ceiling collapsed? Did Inspector Crusoe crash through the ceiling followed by a dust covered Kato?


Cat - I've been crawling out of the rubble. And laughing maniacally at the bodged repair job. Fucking cheapo handymen...

Ariel - Yes, I am alive, and I had nothing at all to do with the ceiling coming down. Honest. And I am a daredevil, yet still not brave enough to take electrical equipment into the bathroom. What do you think I am? Stoopid?

bedshaped - Cornish pasties?

Clarissa - No, sadly, just a piece of metal piping and a ceilingful of plaster. Not half as exciting.

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