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May 14, 2008



At least you're getting lots of fresh air!


So you're a little sick. At least you've got sun, beach and espadrilles.


I like the idea of walking on downs. Although I have to wonder what a down actually is. Where I come from we don't really have downs except for the opposite of ups or sometims the fluff inside the pillow or the duvet, but nothing that your mother would agree to walk on ....


That was a long one - had to go for a lie down myself after reading it, good to see you back tho'. Oh, you are not supposed to understand our comments, the blog bit is yours, the comment box is ours. If it does not work next time, try different staples or even a piano hinge.


bedshaped - that is very true. And there's an awful lot to be said about fresh air, probably enough to merit at least another post on the matter.

Alda - Without the espadrilles what would I have? Nothing! That's what! (Reasoning: Sun = I'm English so have to complain about it being too sunny. It's the done thing. And Beach = well, this is Brighton, and when the sun comes out you can't even see the beach for all the fucking people that suddenly come out of their little dingy crevices and spreadeagle themselves on the floor, so that doesn't count either.)

Clarissa - Your comment falls into the 'I don't always understand what you're on about' category. You did that on purpose didn't you?

Brom - If I made you go for a lie down then my work here is done.


I did. There's nothing better than being obscure (and even a little obtuse).


Sheesh, have we got the same GP? At least I trust you're no longer experiencing pit problems after my previous advice. As for being sick, well, I have taken to living mostly off bananas in an attempt to get my body to process foodstuffs with minimum fuss. It's dull but seems to work most days.

Blue Witch

"To my complete lack of surprise my GP had no good advice to offer... He even suggested having an HIV test"

One can tell what town you live in... I guess that is the GP's standard advice to all men...


Witchy - This is very true, but surely points to a certain laziness on their part, don't you think?

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