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May 04, 2008



Sorry life is stressful at the moment, but it'll all even out.

I think to solve the sleep thing, you need some power naps - 20 minutes and no more.

For the bags under your eyes, stick a couple of spoons in the freezer til they're chilled and rest them over your eyes - reduces puffiness a treat and is quite soothing.

The deodorant thing, there's something you can get called Odaban - you spray it on before you go to bed, wash it off in the morning and it literally stops you sweating from wherever you've sprayed it. Very cool, but possibly not all that healthy.

Good to see you blogging again...


Reading this, part of me thinks I am you. But some part of me knows better. That would just be weird. And, I actually sleep quite well; but that part about having just a sliver of time outside of work, and about going on holiday next month, and complaints about deodorant that's all me.


Welcome back to the blogovoid. Now go get some destressing done. x


Wow! Comment Sunday ahoy!

Beth - Thanks for the tips! I will definitely try the spoon thing. I'm a bit worried about them sticking to my eyelids and then ripping them off, bleeding, not being able to blink again, etc.. But other than that it's all good!

Clarissa - What's weird about being each other? Sounds perfectly normal to me.

Bob - Will do. Got any suggestions?


Mitchum. [For your pits]

miles away

Mitchum seconded!

cup of tea for the rest?


Can you believe, thirty one years on the planet and I've never heard of mitchum?
Not sure what good it's gonna do on the destressing front though.

And I agree about the tea Miles Away. Always seems to do the trick. However, you do need to invent a cuppa that lasts for two or three hours please. Five minutes is just not enough time.


In the interests of prioritizing, I'd eliminate the 'get a life' bit. It's completely overrated.


Good to see you back. x

Mr Farty

The only Mitchum I know is the bloke with the massive eyebags. What's deodorant?

Thank fuck you're back.


It's probably just homebase. Welcome back! Again. The last post may have been a tease, so I didn't count it untilt here was another. :-)


Alda - yeah, who needs one eh? I've managed perfectly well for, ooh I don't know, my whole life without one! No point starting now.

Farthead - Kind words indeed, tres* kind.

Creepy - Me? Tease? Mais non!*

*I have no idea why I'm speaking French


Glad to see you back, lovely - don't stay away for too long this time!


There is definitely something about Homebase. I hate the place.

Welcome back!


I like the idea of avocados that don't want to ripen, like the boy who never wants to grow up.



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