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June 17, 2008



I am laughing, you are completely mad !
I don't know much about football, if the footballs are the clue, but I reckon that no.9 looks like that man called Martin somebody or other who is a manger of some club, and that no.14 is Jordan.
FYI I used to draw on myself a lot at school to while away the time.
Anyway, thanks for making me laugh. ( and I don't mean the legs )


Ok, I'll have a stab at this:
1 - Nicky from Big Brother, or possibly Madonna.
2 - Andrew Lloyd Webber.
3 - John Belushi.
4 - A stork.
5 - Some chick who loves football.
6 - Gary Lineker.
7 - Rupert Everett.
8 - Phil Mitchell a la Eastenders.
9 - Teller from Penn & Teller fame.
10 - A Justice of the Peace.
11 - The Stig from that car programme with whatsisname and thingymabob.
12 - Duckman, the lesser known superhero.
13 - Can't see this one too well, but I'll have a stab at Jesus. Not literally of course.
14 - Jodie Marsh. I was gonna say Jordon, but that nose is more like a shovel, so Jodie it is.
15 - Robbie Williams.
16 - Jennifer Anniston.


Right. I have some guesses, I bet they're wrong though!

3 - John Motson
6 - Looks like Stuart Pearce to me, but the ears make me thnk its Gary Linekar
14 - Jordan. Although for my money the biggest tits in football are Wayne Rooney and Didier Drogba.
15 - The Man from the Nationwide adverts that everyone wants to punch.
16 - This is very clearly the face from the Edvard Munch painting The Scream.


1. Jessica Wotsit who used to be in Spaced.
2. Craig Thingummy - or is it Thingummy Craig? - who used to be in Red Dwarf and is now in Coronation St.
3. Sven Goran Ericksson (I don't know how to spell that, I'm just guessing).
4. Scary Duck. Scary because he is deformed. For a duck, but not for an emu.
5. That famous German football-playing duck. Or maybe it is a red herring and this is also Scary Duck.
6. That monkey from the PG Tips adverts (and also the On-U Digital ads (or something like that), which is a bit confusing and weird), unhappy cos Johnny Vegas is throwing Maryland cookies at his head.
7. Marlon Dingle, from Emmerdale.
8. Grant Mitchell.
9. Graeme Garden.
10. Vinny Jones.
11. That Russian with the blotch on his head (sporting here a rather useless toupe), closing his eyes and dreaming of cookies in an attempt to distract himself from the fact that he is about to be squashed by a giant piece of leg-mole-cheese.
12. What is it with you and the scary ducks?
13. Somebody who would like to remain incognito and is therefore hiding round the side of your leg.
14. Jodie Marsh. Or maybe me, with my boobs pressed up against glass.
15. Vic Reeves.
16. Hazel O'Connor. With a giant cookie.

What do I win?


Number 14 is clearly me.

Blue Witch

Ah someone else who draws on his legs in boring moments! Mr BW usually does squares or triangles depending on the meeting. And only on the bit he can get to without undressing (ie ankles).

Not a clue who any of them are. Do I win the prize for the most celeb-averse blogger? ;)


Oh man, this is too good. What a competition we have! Winners, losers and utter fools will be announced shortly, and all I have to say is that I have laughed heartily, cried violently, and am now extremely concerned about Mr BW and how exactly he manages to doodle on his ankles in meetings. Is he a lifeguard? Or does the company he works for prefer their employees sockless at all times?


Come on Timbo. Pull your finger out dude! Who won, or got even remotely close?

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