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June 08, 2008



That second picture is just aching for a speech bubble from those three in the foreground.
Secondly, I propose its title as 'Where's Willy?"'.


"Sometimes you find yourself surrounded, nay, invaded, by amorphous blobs (read 'other people') who flagrantly disregard you, your personal space, your companions, your conversation"

Sadly, I find myself in this situation all too often. You're not the only one who gets pissed off by it, I promise you.


Have you seen the new Sigur Rós video? Frisky nekkid people in the woods:


It got banned on UTube. Too stupid.


drD - If you fancy nicking the picture and doing a speech bubble thingy be my guest. Actually that gives me an idea.. Speech bubble competition anyone?

Beth - I'm not alone! Yay!

Alda - Yeah, YouTube should be about being able to express yourself freely through the medium of film.
It ain't.
And re the video, all I have to say is... "where are their bikes?" (and "yay!" for nakedness, as that is this week's theme).


How about including Sales Assistants who jump on you as soon as you get through the door.
Or drivers who drive right up your arse on the Motorway, flashing their lights behind you because of course you're in their way, and they are way more important than you.

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Some of the photographs are great, but I was hoping this project would raise some interesting questions, such as what flags mean to people, whether they still have a role today, and so on. Instead we get some oh-so-witty photos of the flag as wee or draped over the designer's dog. Maybe I'm just surprised no-one set the flag on fire and took a photograph of the remains.


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